Ting-You Wang

About Me

I’m a data enthusiast and also a research associate at Northwestern University.

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In the last 12+ years I’ve been spending my time working on a number of projects, most of them with the central theme of exploring, analyzing and visualizing biological data in a context of complicated biology.

This means that I’ve been revisiting the core concepts behind methods for association-relationship between biological data and biological stories. using different approaches from a broad range of disciplines (e.g. statistics, epidemiology and bioinformatics).

In particular, I’ve done a lot of programming and reading for genetics, genomics and data analysis.
Behind all the stuff that I’ve done there is a single idea and goal: to make all the biological data talk the beauty of life.

Overall Interests

There are 3 major topics that I’m hooked to:


Occasionally, I like to talk about data analysis, genetics, genomics, data visualization, statistics, Python, R and related stuff in my blog Data Beauty.


What I like about my “job” is that:

  1. It can be applied to practically life sciences and relevant disciplines;
  2. Consequently, it has allowed me to open the doors of the beauty of life;
  3. But most important, it has given me the fortune to work with very smart and talented people from all over the world (from whom I’ve learned so much).


The easiest way to get in touch with me is by email. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in:

dolittle007 at gmail.com


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About this website

This website is my personal space where I try to declutter my ideas and put my projects in order. This is easier said than done.



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